The great thing about Thrive is that you don't have to actively use it. It saves you hours of work every week by automatically taking care of data entry. You do not have to consider what needs to be saved, where it needs to be saved, and what information to type in. Everything is handled fully automatically.

But where do I see Thrive?

You don't. Of course you can log in at any time to check your settings, but while you work we are not there. We don't provide a side panel or something similar, because our technology takes care of registering the information fully automatically. Some people might need to get used to this feeling, but it is the only way to eliminate this repetitive task from your daily routine.

So what do I do now?

Just keep working as you always do. Once per hour Thrive will sync your emails, so you will start to see that your CRM is populated fully automatically. Enjoy!

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