To save your emails in Salesforce, we use the native email object. This means that anybody that has access to Salesforce can see the emails the exact same way, even if they do not have a Thrive account. It also means that the emails show up normally in any reports you might have in Salesforce. And should you ever decide to stop using Thrive (which we will try to prevent at all cost!), then your data is still fully available.

Activity History

To see an email, simply go to the relevant Lead, Contact, or Account, and the email will be visible in the Activity History. We make use of the recently released enhanced email object, meaning that it is now easy to see who sent an email to whom (previously this information was only available after opening the activity).

Opportunities and other objects

Thrive also offers the possibility to automatically link emails to the last active Opportunity. This can save you extra time if you typically have only one Opportunity per Contact, and will make it easier to find all information related to an Opportunity. You can activate this feature in the Salesforce settings of your account. If you require a custom built feature, then just send an email to to discuss the requirements.

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