Once per hour, Thrive automatically analyses the conversations in your email account and checks which of these conversations are with leads or contacts that are registered in Salesforce. These emails, incoming as well as outgoing, are automatically saved with this person in the CRM. That means that you will see the emails in the activity history of the contact as well as the account it is related to.

Do we sync all emails?

The idea behind Thrive is that all emails with customers should be saved in the CRM. One of the major issues with CRMs today is that almost half of the updates never gets registered. Therefore, we have decided to turn it around. We feel it is better to sync a few emails too many, than to miss half of the relevant ones. In addition, having all communication in one place also provides the first complete dataset for you to assess your customer contact.

Internal communication

By default all internal communication is ignored. "Internal" means with people with the same domain as you have. If you would like further domains to be ignored, just send us a support request and we can take care of it.

What about my emails from the past?

Not to worry, we only sync emails from the moment that you have clicked the Activate Sync button. We do offer the possibility to include emails up to 2 years back in our Freedom plan. If this is of interest to you, just send an email to freedom@thrive.email and we will get back to you to discuss your requirements.

Ignoring emails

Should an email be of sensitive nature, then there is a way to have Thrive ignore it. To do this, simply add ignore@thrive.email in the BCC of the email. We recommend that you avoid ignoring emails, but in some cases it is important to have control over this.

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