When you setup your account, Thrive connects to your Salesforce account and your email. Once you click the "Activate sync" button, we will start syncing the incoming and outgoing emails with your customers. Your emails will be connected to the appropriate contact in Salesforce, using the native EmailMessage object in Salesforce. This means you can normally access this information in Salesforce at any time.

Sync runs every hour

Every hour Thrive automatically checks the conversations in your email account and matches them with your leads and contacts in Salesforce. Because this happens automatically, your CRM will always be up-to-date, even while you sleep or when you are on holiday. Everything is handled completely automatically.

Not a software

Thrive is NOT a software. It is NOT a browser extension, and it is NOT an outlook plugin. Thrive for Email works for you in the background, which means that you do not see us at all while you work. This means we can support you on ANY device. Furthermore, you do not have to think about it or learn how to work with Thrive. All important information will automatically be entered into the CRM, and you have one less responsibility to think about.

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